We are happy to announce a new strategic partnership between Asteria and SmartCredit.io!

Asteria is the next generation decentralized options trading protocol offering professional pricing models, comprehensive risk control systems, and algorithm-optimized revenue generation to the market makers, built on peer2pool trading structure and Layer2 solutions.

SmartCredit.io is a DeFi…

Piixpay is a non-custodial crypto payment engine, which offers crypto to fiat payments.

SmartCredit.io offers a DeFi lending platform with a low collateral ratio for borrowers and personal fixed-income funds for lenders. Additionally, SmartCredit.io is offering borrower and lender User Interface Widgets for integrations with other platforms.

We are very…

Important notice: Due to the high interest, there are a lot of impersonators trying to look like someone from the Smartcredit team. They might create fake telegram channels, fake pools, and other stuff. Always double-check everything. If you have any doubts, go to smartcredit.io …

Over the past 2 weeks, we have received hundreds of requests from the community to share the details about the initial distribution of SMARTCREDIT tokens and we’re finally glad to present them.

The initial distribution of SMARTCREDIT tokens will happen on Bounce platform on the 1st of November at 16:00…

For the last month, many of you have been asking us about our token metrics. With the upcoming token sale in mind, we’re finally happy to share the Tokenomics of the SMARTCREDIT Token with our community.

Token Supply

Total amount: 25 000 000
Contract: 0x72e9d9038ce484ee986fea183f8d8df93f9ada13

10% of the total supply…

We have seen that the crypto-economy has limited fixed-income capabilities. We want to fill this gap with our project and add real value to the crypto users — to the borrowers, lenders, and passive investors.

Our project has minted 25'000'000 SMARTCREDIT tokens; 90% of them are time-locked — see here

SMARTCREDIT Pre-Sale will take place on Bounce platform on the 1st of November at 16:00 UTC.

More token sale details will come out soon. Stay tuned!

(BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS! Official links will only be posted in the official Smartcredit’s channels. All other links are fake)

If you want to be the first to receive the details about the upcoming Pre-Sale, make sure to subscribe to our Telegram channel and join the Waitlist on the website.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/smartcredit_io
Telegram announcement channel: https://t.me/SmartCredit_Announcements
Telegram community: https://t.me/SmartCredit_Community
Website: https://smartcredit.io

How do DeFi lending products work now?

DeFi Fixed Income is very much money-market-fund concept-based. The lenders deposit their assets into the pool and receive the shares of this pool. Then, the borrowers can borrow from this pool against the collateral.

The interest rates are fluctuating — they move up and down. When the market thinks that…

The traditional Fixed Income market can be divided into:

  • Bank credit — it’s not a security; it is not transferable.
  • Bonds are securities; they are transferable from one holder to another holder, and they are tradeable via OTC or exchanges.

The Fixed Income market is 5–10 times bigger than the…


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